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Why buy a Custom Door?

You're not the "average consumer", you're an individual one.

When an item is manufactured for the masses, the company's marketing department decides which features to include according to their profile of a "typical consumer".

Alternatively, custom made doors are made specifically for you by New Erra Doors.

You think actual human beings can still make things worth buying.

Whether you have a table, a guitar or beautiful custom made door, you can develop a relationship with the artisan. The maker is not nameless and faceless, he or she is a real human being. We think this is important.

Your home looks exactly like your neighbors and it scares you!

You're not your neighbor's clone, so why do you have the same front entry? Why do you have the same interior doors? Having custom made doors means creating something that is unique and not settling for the same stuff you see everywhere.

You want to hand things down to future generations, not just hand over your credit card.

Buy custom and you're no longer passively buying a commodity; you're enlisting the service of a skilled crafts person to bring your ideas to life. Your finished piece will be an heirloom – how amazing will it feel to know you helped in its creation?

You think "local business" doesn't just mean the nearest big box store.

When you have something custom made, you have the opportunity to work with local artisans, supporting your community and helping to create a sustainable business environment for them in the process.

You want more than just a front entry door, you want a conversation piece.

Custom made items have a story behind them and you'll want to remember and share that story time and time again. The next time someone asks "Where did you find that?" you'll never be at a loss for words.

You want to commission tomorrow's antiques today.

Do you see the value in a piece that lasts for generations? So do we. Your sense of style and personal touch will go into a custom made door that will be valued for years to come.