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If you don't see the answer to your question please feel free to call us at 239-340-1229 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What type of warranty is provided with your doors?

We offer a one-year structural and workmanship warranty.

Can you supply the entry hardware with the door?

Yes, we offer products from several national manufacturers pre-fit to the door you order and shipped ready to install.

Can I make changes to an existing design?

Yes, you may begin with one of our designs and alter it to your specifications.

What size doors are available?

We can manufacture any size or design you would like. This includes industry standard size units, odd sizes to fit in renovations, and period correct historic design replacements.

Who is responsible for installing the door?

New Erra Doors has an in-house team that specializes specifically with the installation of our doors. If you live out of state then the responsibility for the installation is up the to customer, but a professional contractor is highly recommended.

Who is responsible for finishing the door?

We will ship your door pre-finished ready to be installed. You also have the option to order your door unfinished.

There's ironwork on the door, how do I clean the glass?

All of our decorative iron pieces are constructed with hinges that allow them to swing open for cleaning.

What kind of glass is used in the door lites?

We use a minimum of 1/4" tempered glass. Depending on the application, some doors will require up to 9/16" impact resistant glass. Decorative glass can also be used depending on the style of door selected.

How are the doors made?

Wood doors are three solid pieces of wood laminated under pressure with high strength resins. (There are no veneers used in the construction of our doors. Only solid, finish grade, lumber is used.) Our metal doors are machine cut and hand welded in our factory.

What materials are used to construct your doors?

Our wood doors are made of South American Mahogany or Cedar. We can also provide several other species for interior use. Our iron doors are constructed from 1/8" steel plate and insulated with polyurethane injected foam.