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Certifications & Approvals

New Erra Doors offers most of it's Mahogany 2 1/4" thick entry units with Florida impact testing approvals. Documentation is provided with purchase of impact rated unit or can be downloaded with the links provided below. Although our units are strong enough to withstand a hurricane force storm, New Erra Doors highly recommends using at least an Armour screen covering if you are in a hurricane prone area. Buying an impact rated door does not guarantee the door will weather a hurricane without some degree of damage. This minimal investment in a screen or shutter can save you the time, expense, and inconvenience of repairing the storm damage.

We can provide engineering calculations for all of our units should you require structural data for the unit you have chosen. Data provided will include design pressures, fastener schedules, and wind load deflection calculations.


Installations Instructions


(Double Glazed Entry Door w/Transom)


(Double Opaque Entry Doors)

NOA Certificates

NOA Certificates1

(Double Glazed Entry Door w/Transom)

NOA Certificates2

(Double Opaque Entry Doors)